Sunday, June 22, 2008

Phibsborough Local Area Plan Update

The Report on the Phibsborough Area Plan is due to come before the next meeting of Dublin City Council on 7th July 2008. The Report comprises the Manager’s assessment of the submissions which have been made and his subsequent recommendations.

The Members of the City Council have three options on 7th July:

1. Accept the Manager’s Report and adopt the Plan
2. Amend the Manager’s Report – if the amendments are considered to be material then the plan should go back out to public consultation (the process would then continue until November 2008). If the amendments are not considered to be “material” then the plan is adopted with all the amendments without further consultation.
3. Reject the Manager’s Report and the Plan falls.

The Manager informs us that the current report does not contain any material amendments to the Draft LAP and that if the report is adopted there would be no need to put it back out to public consultation.

There is not sufficient space here to outline the recommendations in the report.

The Manager’s Report is available online on the Dublin City Council website (click on link to go directly to Manager’s report). Dublin City Council will send out hard copies of the report on request to Ger Maher, Planning Department, Tel 2223086.
Councillors may submit amendments to the Manager’s Report and to the Plan. Councillors amendments are to be submitted by 30 June 2008.

The Draft LAP will only go back out to public consultation after 7th July if there are material amendments to the plan. If the plan goes back out to public consultation, it is only the “material amendments” that can be considered at that stage.

I would appreciate feedback to on the Manager’s Report before that date so thatI can prepare my amendments by the deadline.

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