Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Waste Depot at Rathdown Road

We requested Dublin City Council to review its operation of the Waste Management facility at Rathdown Road. We have received numerous complaints of the nuisance it is causing to local residents in terms of noise, litter, and smells emanating from the trucks. In particular the night time operations are causing much distress to residents who are kept awake by trucks revving their engines and travelling to and from the depot, and we requested Dublin City Council to relocate the night time activities pending the move to Ballyboggan Road. .
The waste management facility was due to move to the Dublin Industrial Estate at Ballyboggan Road, however there is still no sign of this move-taking place. A recycling facility will still remain in Grangegorman when the waste management centre moves.
We also received many queries from constituent in relation to the new layout at the recycling centre and the work to the wall which is a protected structure.
We received the following report in relation to these matters.

§ The City Council will ensure that all steps are taken to minimise any nuisance to local residents in relation to the operation of the Grangegorman Depot
§ There are no plans at this time to remove night-time operations to another depot in the City.
§ Legal formalities for the acquisition of premises in Ballyboggan Industrial Estate are being completed at present. The development of a Depot at this location would take approximately a year to complete and will depend on finance being available to complete this project.
§ The wall is a Protected Structure and all works were carried out in consultation with the Conservation Section, Planning Department, Dublin City Council.

We are disappointed that the Council will not relocate the night operations to another centre.
Since putting down the question to the City Manager in January, we have been assured that notices have been placed in the centre informing drivers of the requirement to be aware that they are operating in a residential area and that every effort should be made to minimise noise, particularly at night time.

We would welcome any further feedback on the disturbance that the operation of this centre is causing to residents.

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