Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday Closure of Grangegorman Recycling Centre Must be Reversed

Like many local residents I was incensed to learn that the Grangegorman Recycling Centre has closed on Saturdays. This action was taken by the management of Dublin City Council without any consultation with the local councillors or the Environment and Engineering Strategic Policy Committee of which I am a member. I have tabled motions and questions to the manager calling for the immediate re-opening of this facility. The manager has stated that the decision was made given the current financial constraints on the Council’s budget and he is not prepared to reverse the decision at this time.

The centre is invaluable for many families who can only do their recycling at weekends. Moreover, the failure of Greyhound to deliver bags for the green collection in the area has exacerbated the problem for many residents. I will continue to raise the matter until the centre re-opens on Saturdays.

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Pure Phase said...

Hi Cllr

Has there been any progress with this. Now that greyhound are charging for recycling bags, Saturday opening is greatly called doubt because of these charges we will see an increase in fly tipping in the area. How far are people willing to be pushed??