Friday, May 29, 2009

O’Devaney Gardens “Plan B” Update

Following the collapse of the McNamara Public Private Partnership regeneration programme, Dublin City Council established a multidisciplinary “Special Task Force” to examine alternative options for the redevelopment of this site. The proposals of the Special Task Force were presented to the December meeting of the City Council and the proposals were approved.

The new “Plan B” proposes to build 500 housing units on the site with community centre, crèche facilities, commercial retail and a new public open space of 2,800 metres to act as a focal point for the wider community and create a new village green.

Dublin City Council propose that the development will be carried out in three phases:
Phase One (2009 – 2012) will start with the demolition of two more blocks and the construction of 130 social and affordable units.
Phase Two (2013 – 2014) will continue with the construction of social and affordable Housing, the Development of Community Facilities & Rooftop Pitch, the creation of a new “village green” & playground and a new commercial centre, such as a supermarket.
Phase Three (2014 – 2018) will see completion the project with affordable and private housing, landscaping and an overall “area upgrade”.

The full proposals can be downloaded from the Dublin City Council website:
As a member of the O’Devaney Gardens Regeneration Board, I am completely committed to working to ensure that Plan B is delivered on time and in consultation with the residents of O’Devaney and the surrounding communities.

I received the following information in reply to a question to the City Manager at the May City Council meeting:

“Dublin City Council is now progressing with Phase 1 of these projects and tenders have been invited for a design team to work with Dublin City Council’s in-house team to develop the design and delivery of an integrated social and affordable housing scheme. Tenders have been received and are currently being assessed.
It is anticipated that planning for the social and affordable elements of this project will be applied for early next year.”

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