Monday, January 16, 2012

Chaos as Dublin City Council hands over Waste Contract to Greyhound

The Dublin City Council bin service is being handed over to Greyhound Recycling from the week beginning 16th January. The Labour group on the City Council opposed the privatisation of this service, but under the Protection of the Environment Act 2003, which was enacted by Fianna Fail, the decision to privatise the service was within the power of Dublin City Council management. The Council voted on a number of occasions to oppose the privatisation, but our wishes were ignored by the Council management.
With a drip feed of information to both Councillors and residents, there has been significant problems with the bin service today and there is likely to be further confusion. If you are experiencing problems with your service you can contact to Greyhound Recycling directly on 1890 98 99 98 by email Please copy the email to me at
City Councillors were dismayed at the January City Council meeting to learn of the arrangments or lack of arrangements which had been put in place.
(See Evening Herald Report: Outrage over upfront fee in bins shake-up)
Please find below a list of key details relating to the changeover which you may find helpful.
Payment to Greyhound
You have 30 days from 16 January to pay the standing charge which remains at the 2011 price. After 15 February, Greyhound will not collect bins from households who have not paid the Annual The Labour Group on Dublin City Council is putting forward proposals to the City Manager seeking a phased payment in relation to the standing charge.
Service Charge
The current annual service charge is:
240 litre Black Bin - €100
140 litre Black Bin - €80
Price Per Lift
240 litre Black Bin - €6
140 litre Black Bin - €3.60
Brown Bin - €2
Please note that Greyhound is proposing to operate a pre pay system. You are required to ensure that your Greyhound account has .sufficient funds to meet the current cost of each black and brown bin lift. If you do not have sufficient funds in your account for the cost of a Black or Brown bin, you will not have your bin collected. You can top up - On-line at, at local shops using Payzone or at any post office
Green Bins
You will receive a bar-coded label for your green bin once you have paid the Annual Service Charge. Once you place this label on your green bin, you will have your green bin collected free of charge. Green bins presented for collection without the bar-coded label will not be collected.
Bag Collection Tags
If you use bag collection tags Greyhound will continue to provide this service for areas that have no bins. Your Dublin City Council tags will still be valid until 16th March 2012. After this you can buy Greyhound issued tags from your normal outlets. The cost for bag labels will remain unchanged for an initial period of at least 6 months.
Green bags can continue to be used in conjunction with the waste collection. Greyhound will continue to print and deliver their own green bags in bag areas.
Any customer who had a waiver of the standing charge approved by the City Council at 9th December 2011 will continue to benefit from a waiver with Greyhound for 2012.
As a waiver customer you are not required to pay the annual charge for 2012.
If your account is in credit
Any credit that you may have on your account will not transfer to Greyhound Recycling. Refunds will be considered on application to the Revenue Unit of Dublin City Council accompanied with proof of who made the initial payment.
Outstanding Charges
Dublin City Council operated a system of quarterly payments. You will receive a bill to cover the period 1st October 2011 to the 16th January 2012. The bill will be issued by Greyhound Recycling who will be collecting outstanding monies on behalf of Dublin City Council.
If you currently have arrears on your account after 16th January 2012, customers pay Greyhound directly for any outstanding monies owed.
Dublin City Council Recycling Centres
Dublin City Council’s Recycling Centres will continue to operate as normal. Bagged household domestic waste will continue to be accepted at both Ringsend and North Strand Recycling Centres. A charge of €4 applies for each 80 litre bag of domestic waste disposed of.
bFurther information can be obtained from the FAQ page on the Dublin City Council website

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