Monday, March 31, 2008

Health Protests Continue

Every Saturday the Labour Party maintains a presence outside the A&E unit of the Mater Hospital to protest about conditions in the Health Service, particularly A&E unitls throughout the country. On Saturday 29th March, we commemorated the fifth anniversary of our protest , the same day as the massive monster public health march that brought over 5,000 on to the streets. The Party Leader, Eamon Gilmore TD, joined our protest at the Mater Hospital prior to joining the rally at Parnell Square
No matter how the HSE try to massage the figures the situation at A&E units throughout the country remains deplorable as seriously ill and often elderly people wait on chairs or if they are lucky enough on trolleys for hours and even days. The shortage of hospital beds combined with the embargo on recruitment are the main reasons for the scandalous condition.
There isn't one family in the country who hasn't been touched by the failure of the HSE to deliver a quality health service for someone close to them. As we protest each Saturday outside the Mater Joe and I listen to what can only be called horror stories of how elderly and very sick people are left on chairs and trolleys, sharing their space and toilet facilities with drunks and drug addicts.
Following the protest at the Mater Hospital we joined the Dublin Council of Trade Unions march at Parnell Square. Over 5,000 people turned up and the anger on the street was truly palpable. Again everybody we met had a story and everybody has somebody who has suffered at the hands of the HSE.
On the same day the IMO came out and condemned the policy of building private hospitals on public land and expressed their concern that rather than free up the promised 1,000 beds that it would lead to the downgrading and a lack of funding for these beds.
The current Governnment appear to have neither the will nor the ability to deal with the problems in the health service.

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