Sunday, March 16, 2008

O’Devaney Gardens Update

Dublin City Council is undertaking a major regeneration project for O’Devaney Gardens. Castlethorn McNamara was selected as the “preferred bidder” and the project agreement was signed in the first half of 2007.
The proposals included the following:
  • The demolition of the existing 276 flats in O’Devaney Gardens.
  • Their replacement with
  • 250 social housing units
  • 30 senior citizen social housing units
  • 250 affordable housing units
  • 299 private units
  • A 2,000 square metre community centre with a rooftop football pitch to be built in the first phase
  • 3 defined play areas for a variety of age groups

A planning application was due to be submitted by September 2007. However, Dublin City Council increased the minimum size and standards of apartments in the City, as part of their policy of promoting "family friendly" apartment living. As a result, Castlethorn McNamara had to review the O’Devaney Gardens proposal in light of the new apartment sizes and standards. They are still in negotiations with Dublin City Council.

In the meantime, Dublin City Council has now completely detenanted the first four blocks to be included in the first phase. These blocks are due to be demolished in June.

Once the planning application is prepared, the Regeneration Board plans to engage in a comprehensive information campaign including, public meetings, briefing sessions and newsletters giving much more specific information in relation to the development.

In addition, Castlethorn/McNamara will be obliged to produce an Environmental Impact Assessment on the proposal.

I hope that there will be more concrete news in the coming weeks and will keep you informed of developments.

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