Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Litter Management Plan - Code of Conduct for Landlords

There is huge concern among residents regarding the large number of landlord “multi-occupancy” units throughout the Central Area. The issue of waste management in landlord houses is a recurrent theme at most community fora. Two recent developments will hopefully bring about some improvements in this area.

Firstly, Dublin City Council recently reported three significant victories in the Courts against landlords under the Litter Pollution Act. Two of the three cases related to properties in the Central Area. Waste Management report that they are now confident of further prosecutions in the coming months.

Secondly as part of the review of the Litter Management Plan, Dublin City Council was committed to introducing a protocol for landlords of multi-occupancy units in relation to waste management. At the request of Cllr Emer Costello the protocol is to be adopted at the same time as the Litter Management Plan. Dublin City Council has produced a Code of Conduct for Landlords of multi-occupancy units. The City Council has agreed to circulate it to Residents’ Associations and to request the PRTB to circulate it to landlords of multi-occupancy units.

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