Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lord Mayor's statement on City Water Supply Problems

'I wish to thank the people of Dublin for their continued conservation of water and for their co-operation during the current difficulties being experienced with regard to the supply of water in Dublin. The situation continues to be critical and I ask that people continue to be proactive in reducing water usage to ensure that supply is returned to all areas of the city as soon as possible.
Another briefing was arranged this evening for the Members of the City Council to fully update them on the current situation. The situation is continuing to receive the highest priority with every effort being made to get a supply to the worst affected areas.
Due to the critical shortage of treated water I would urge each and every one of us to be miserly in our use of water. Please do not use power hoses to wash windows, cars or clean the path. Please do not run the tap unnecessarily. It will take some time for the supply to return to normal. The more we all conserve water the quicker the supply will be restored to normal.
I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the staff of the City Council and the members of the Civil Defence forces who have worked so hard over the last number of weeks to help get the supplies to people and to repair the broken water mains.’
Information on the availability of water tankers is being continually updated on the City Council website Click the icon for a tap.
Other mobile tankers are being deployed to assist with hospitals, nursing homes and schools.
The Lord Mayor also asked that those with special needs should contact 01 2220600 - available until 6 pm. The after hours number of 01 6796186 will be available after 6.00 pm.
Further statements will issue before the weekend to update the people of Dublin

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