Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Street Cleaning Smithfield/Stoneybatter/Manor St/Oxmantown

Question to City Manager Central Area Committee
Meeting 09/10/07

Q24 Councillor Emer Costello
To ask the Manager to take steps to improve street cleaning at : Smithfield/Stoneybatter/Manor Street/Oxmantown Area & litter bin on St Joseph’s Road, to state if the new street cleaners have been allocated to this route, to state how often the bins in the area are emptied, to state the policy in relation to lifting untagged bags, to state how many fines for issued for illegal dumping/litter in the area since January, how many of these have been paid and how many have been prosecuted, to state what action has been taken in relation to dog dirt in the area and if the leaflets outlining the responsibilities of dog owners have been circulated as agreed in a previous question, to date and to state when the litter bin will be provided at (details supplied)

Waste Management Services have the Smithfield/Stoneybatter/Manor St/Oxmantown areas scheduled to be cleaned on a daily basis. The litter bins in these areas are emptied two or three times a day on a daily basis. Any untagged bags in these areas are removed on a regular basis and examined for evidence. A litter fine is issued to anyone found to be dumping these bags.

Dog dirt is removed during the course of our cleaning schedules in these areas. There are no plans to provide a litter bin into the residential area of St. Joseph’s Road. In fact we had to remove litter bins from residential areas as people were stuffing domestic refuse into these bins and dumping rubbish at them. They had in fact become a focal point for dumping.

North King Street, Stoneybatter Manor Street & Oxmanstown Road are on the route of the new area street cleaners. Smithfield Plaza is cleaned by the Waste Management Section the lowest end of Smithfield after the Luas Stop is cleaned regularly by Public Domain Staff.

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anon said...

Hi, I live at the corner of Malachi Road & Ivar Street & find illegal dumpting to be a problem - bags of rubbish outside our house are not collected regularly, and we had 2 bags outside our street for the last fortnight...is there a policy on collecting this type of rubbish as it's a hygiene issue apart from anything else - I came out of my house yesterday morning to find about 10 pigeons pecking at the contents of 1 bag. Many thanks in advance.