Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tree Pruning and Public Lighting: NCR, Rathdown Road & Kirwan St

Q39 Councillor Emer Costello November 2007
To ask the Manager when the tree pruning at the rest of the NCR will be completed and if tree pruning will take place at Rathdown Road as it is and to include the upgrading of the lighting on Rathdown Road and Kirwan Street there in the 2008 estimates.

Tree pruning on the North Circular Road is continuing on an ongoing basis.
However work is slow due to;
· The nature of the work
· The location of trees on this very busy road
· Work time restrictions incurred due to Traffic Management requirements
The Parks and Landscape Services Division is fully committed to have the work completed as soon as possible in the interest of all concerned.
This Division shall arrange to clear the public lighting standard outside as part of the current tree pruning programme of works.
The lighting on Rathdown Road was upgraded in 2001 and at present is considered to be at an acceptable standard. It is due to undergo lamp changing and lantern cleaning before the end of 2007 and a request has been sent to Parks Department to prune the trees which appear to be impacting some of the lights. We have no plans at present to carry out any further improvements to the lighting here.

Kirwan Street Lighting
With regard to this street, decorative lanterns with 70watt lamps were installed in 2005 as part of that years improvements. The lighting is due to be bulk changed next year and again the lighting is considered adequate.

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