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Mater Hospital Developments

In 2003 Mater Hospital received permission for new adult hospital and new children’s hospital. As a result of the Government decision to locate the National Children’s Hospital on the Mater site. which will now have to be the subject of a separate planning application, it was necessary to apply for a new permission for the adult hospital only. In September 2007, the Mater Hospital applied for planning permission to decouple the Children’s Hospital from the Adult Hospital site.
The main differences between the current application and the previous permissions are as follows:
  • The omission of the Children’s Hospitaland the new entrance at Eccles Street
  • The link building between the adult hospital and the children’s hospital
  • The omission of Pathology and Technical Services building on the North Circular Road
  • A reduction in the basement car-park from 800 places to 306 places
  • An extra one and a half storeys to be added to the adult hospital on the North Circular Road side, to provide for a new ward and a plant room
  • Two additional floors to the lift core.
  • The basement areas expanded for technical support and services
  • The deletion of the proposed helipad in the original application

I organised a Planning Information Meeting for local residents who have had ongoing concerns in relations to developments at this site. Following the meeting we made a submission highlighting the following issues
  • The need for consultation with Community Groups
  • The need to update the EIS to include the construction methodology
  • The proposal did not take adequate account of Metro North and the location of the Mater station on the site
  • Car-parking ins insufficient for the size of the hospital leading to on-street car-parking and carparking during the construction phase needs to be managed.
  • It was unclear if the proposed helipad was incldued in the application and if so, clarification should be provided on the location, flight paths and usge etc

Consultation with MHCDFollowing the submissions from residents and ourselves as public representatives the Mater Hospital Campus Development contacted local residents associations and arranged a meeting. Cllr Emer Costello attended the meeting which provided clarification on a number of the above issues and a commitment was given for ongoing community consulation.

Planning Permisson Granted
Dublin City Council granted permission subject to a number of conditions which took some of the residents concerns into consideration including:
  1. The applicant shall undertake to implement the measures outlined in the Mobility Management Plan submitted under Planning Reference 4929/03 and to ensure that the proposed development take cognisance of this plan. A Mobility Manager shall be appointed to oversee and co-ordinate the implementation of the plan. An independent consultant shall be appointed to monitor and review the plan at intervals to be agreed with Dublin City Council. Reason: It is the policy of Dublin City Council to encourage modal change from private car use towards increased use of public transport, cycling, walking, and by encouraging tele-working.
  2. The site development works and construction works shall be carried out in such a manner as to ensure that the adjoining street(s) are kept clear of debris, soil and other material and if the need arises for cleaning works to be carried out on the adjoining public roads, the said cleaning works shall be carried out at the developers expense Reason: To ensure that the adjoining roadways are kept in a clean and safe condition during construction works in the interests of orderly development.
  3. Prior to the commencement of Development, a Project Construction and Demolition Waste Management Plan shall be submitted to and agreed to writing by the Planning Authority. Reason: In the interests of the protection and conservation of the environment, having regard to Circular WPR 07/06 - Best Practice Guidelines on the Preparation of Waste Management Plans for Construction and Demolition Projects - published by the DoEHLG, July 2006 and also Dublin City Council Waste Management Guidelines
  4. The applicant shall liaise with the RPA ( Rail Procurement Agency) regarding the construction of Metre North prior to commencement of development with respect to issues pertaining to construction and phasing of development. Reason: In the interests of proper planning and Sustainable development of the area.

Although Dublin City Council did not impose a condition in relation to a Community Liaison Committee the planner’s report recommends such a structure stating: “It would seem reasonable in the interests of good relationships with neighbours for the hospital to establish some form of voluntary forum to make residents aware of schedules of work.”

To this end Cllr Emer Costello tabled the following motion at the November Area Committee which was agreed unanimously:

To ask the Manager to facilitate the establishment of a community liaison forum with the Mater Hospital/HSE, Dublin City Council and local residents in view of the massive development that will be taking place on the site over the coming years. Residents are concerned that when they have issues with development work they have no forum through which to have these addressed).


The Area Office will establish contact with The Project Management Team overseeing the redevelopment of the Mater Site to request that they initiate community consultation, if the members agree the motion. As mentioned above MHCD have indicated their willingness to consult with local residents and it is hoped that such a forum will be established shortly.

Links with Mountjoy Prison Site

Finally, Joe Costello TD put down the following Parliamentary Question to the Tanaisteand Minister for Finance:

To ask the Tanaiste and Minister for Finance if he will transfer the lands at Mountjoy Prison to the Mater Hospital when the prison closes in order that the hospital can acquire much needed space for development; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

Minister of State at the Department of Finance(Deputy Noel Ahern):

The Commissioners of Public Works have appointed a multi-disciplinaryDesign Team, in order to seek full Planning Permission for the re-development of the MountjoyPrison site. On foot of preliminary consultations with the Health Service Executive, the Commissioner’s Design Team is currently exploring possible options for accommodating some non-core activities of the Mater Hospital on the Mountjoy Prison site. Back to List

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