Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Update on Litter Wardens and Litter Fines in Central Area

Motion in name of Cllr Emer Costello
That the Manager report on the number of litter wardens currently employed in the central area, the number of litter fines that were issued since January, the number of fines that have been paid and the number of prosecutions and what steps he is taking to combat illegal dumping and littering in the Central Area.

There are 3 Litter Wardens assigned directly to the Central Area and 5 Litter Wardens assigned to Waste Management currently operating in the area. At present Dublin City Council are in the process of appointing a further 5 Litter Wardens.

From 01/01/2007 to 30/09/2007, 2497 Litter Fines were issued in the Central Area. The amount of fines paid totalled 875. Prosecutions taken were 124 with 23 convictions. Covert CCTV cameras are in use in the Central Area to combat dumping. Multi lingual leaflets have been distributed to a large amount of homes in the area informing residents of their responsibilities regarding disposal of household waste.

Currently the Environmental Liaison Officer and the Litter Wardens are calling to businesses in the area distributing leaflets reminding owners of their responsibilities regarding the cleaning of shopfront areas and disposal of commercial waste. The Environmental Response Unit in the area is removing any dumped material from roadways, laneways and green spaces in the area. The response unit removes an average 64 tonnes of material every month.

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